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This was an experiment in distributing the Citadel system as an AppImage. It was determined that the image did not meet sufficient compatibility requirements to be viable. If you want to install Citadel binaries easily, please use the Docker version.

Installing and running Citadel using the AppImage

You can now download and run the entire Citadel system with a single binary, thanks to the power of AppImage. There is no need to compile sources and no need to hunt for a binary for your specific Linux distribution. As long as the AppImage targets your architecture (for example, 64-bit x86, or 32-bit ARM) the image will run on your system.

Download links

You will probably want to download the newest available version for your system architecture.

File name Build date System architecture
citadel-932-armv7l.appimage Fri 16 Jul 2021 07:51:48 PM EDT 32-bit ARM (for Raspberry Pi)
citadel-932-x86_64.appimage Fri 16 Jul 2021 07:43:43 PM EDT 64-bit x86 (for most AMD and Intel systems)

How to run Citadel without installing

If you are just testing Citadel and want to run it without installing, simply do this (as root, or using sudo):

mkdir /usr/local/citadel
./citadel-nnnnnnnnnn-xxx.appimage run

This will start up an instance of Citadel with its database in /usr/local/citadel, and with the web interface listening on ports 80 and 443.

How to install the Citadel appimage permanently

After trying out Citadel, you will undoubtedly agree that it is the finest messaging and collaboration suite in the known universe, and you will want to install it permanently on your system. This is easy; just type:

mkdir /usr/local/citadel
./citadel-nnn-xxx.appimage install

You will be walked through a series of installation instructions, after which the setup program will create systemd unit files to start and stop Citadel along with the host operating system.


It is easy to upgrade to a newer version of the same AppImage. Simply download the new version and install it the same way to installed the previous version.

Usage and options

Here are all the options for calling the AppImage.

./citadel-nnnnnnnnnn-xxx.appimage [-h data_directory] [-p http_port] [-s https_port] command
-h Specifies the directory in which your Citadel database will be found /usr/local/citadel
-p Specifies the port on which WebCit will listen for HTTP connections 80
-s Specifies the port on which WebCit will listen for HTTPS connection 443
command Must be one of: run, test, install, database_cleanup, migrate none


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