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File layouts for the Citadel system

Citadel typically keeps everything consolidated into a single directory hierarchy (which is /usr/local/citadel by default). This is what you will see in an Easy Install, AppImage, or Docker build.

If you have an older installation and installed the legacy .DEB or .RPM packages, you will need to migrate away from the old LFHS layout.

Consolidated layout (Easy Install or Docker installations)

/usr/local/citadel			Citadel Server, utilities, and the command-line client
/usr/local/citadel/data			All databases live here
/usr/local/citadel/keys			SSL keys and certificates
/usr/local/webcit			WebCit web user interface for Citadel
/usr/local/ctdlsupport			Libraries such as libcitadel
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