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Setup utility to bootstrap a citadel installation / recover Admin status


setup [-q] [-u] [-i] [-h]


Setup creates the initial data needed to spawn citserver. It also can be used to specify a user that will get aide status on next login so you can regain control over your system.


Switch	Result
------	------
-i	Information only; print all data we know
-q	Quiet/Headless for shellscript usage; utilizes the environment variables below
-hHome	Directory where files are kept.  If absolute such as  /citadel we will run in
	/citadel. If relative like othercitadel that will be added to the path.

In Quiet / Shellscript mode you can specify these Variables:

Variable		Content
--------		-------
CREATE_XINETD_ENTRY	whether an xinetd entry should be added for the Citadel client
ACT_AS_MTA		Should we try to disable other MailTransportAgents?
SYSADMIN_NAME		Who is going to be the boss here?
CITADEL_UID		Which userid should citadel run as after binding its ports?
IP_ADDR			Which IP Address should the server bind?
CITADEL_PORT		Should we bind another port than 504?
ENABLE_UNIX_AUTH	Should we run in Hostauth Mode?
ALTER_ETC_SERVICES	Should we add our IANA assigned port to /etc/services?
NO_INIT_SCRIPTS		should setup try to add its own init Scripts, or are there others we shouldn't overwrite?


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