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How do I ... in WebCit?

Developer's note: WebCit is currently undergoing a major overhaul, transforming it into a more modern web application for the 2020's. This article currently reflects the behavior of WebCit "classic", not WebCit-NG.


Mark all emails in my Mailbox

Press (Shift) (Left Mouse) on the uppermost list entry

Mark the upper most 10 emails

Do as above to mark all, and afterwards press (Shift) (Left Mouse) on the mail # 10. The uppermost 10 mails are now marked.

Mark Various Mails

Hold down the (CTRL) key and select the mails you like to select. Note: WebCit will display every mail you select.

Moving, etc.

Note: These operations work for marked mails.

Move to some other folder

Change the menu bar to Room view (if you didn't already) Hold down the (Left Mouse) on the message(s) you want to move, Drag them over to the folder you want to move to, release the mouse key


Move them as above or just press the (Del) key

How do I create a Subroom of a Room?

Its not nice, but it;s there:
  Advanced -- Create a new room
and now enter:
  [existing room]\subroomname
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